Entity-component-system for Clojure.

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1.1. Leiningen

Add this to your :dependencies in project.clj:

Clojars Project

2. Usage

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3. Examples

  • Official demos are here.

4. API Documentation

5. Changelog

5.1. Changes Since Version 1.0.x

  • Components are no longer records. The same API still works but since a java class is not generated anymore you are likely to get an error like:

    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java_path.to.YourComponent

    To solve this problem declare components in a :require instead of :import. (Examples: muhuk/clecs-examples@a965ab1 & muhuk/clecs-examples@22de34f)

  • Added suport for systems as maps. Assuming sys-fn is an old style system you can write a system as:

    {:process sys-fn}

5.2. Changes Since Version 0.2.x

  • Replaced function based queries with data driven queries. See clecs.query.

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7. License

Copyright © 2014 Atamert Ölçgen

This program is distributed under GNU GPL v3 license. See LICENSE file.